Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Be sure to hide around the corner & not get shot! Play laser tag at #LaserWarzone today! #MilkADeal


MAD Deal of the Day: RM27 instead of RM54 for 3 sessions of Exciting Laser Tag Game at Laser Warzone, I-City.

Time for a cool combat! Try laser tag!!

Suit up with laser guns and sensor vest target armour! Make sure you crouch it out or you'll be shot!

This is definitely is a fun work out!

  • A physical activity that is safe and painless and can be played easily by anyone
  • Can be played by small or big groups. If you don’t have a group, you can also play with other teams or individuals short of players
  • Fosters teamwork and strategic thinking among the players
  • A form of exercise minus the hassle of buying sports equipment or getting up early in the morning
  • Loved and enjoyed across the world by different people with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. There are even international competitions for this sport
  • LASER WARZONE starts after school and office hours so you have all the chance to play even during weekdays
  • No pain Normally, before each mission starts, players will be oriented on how to use the devices properly and skillfully
  • First-time players needn't worry as Laser Warzone professionals will assist accordingly

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