Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DiorSkin Extreme Fit Supermoist Compact

Supermoist Flawless Moist Extreme Wear Makeup

Alhamdullilah koleksi pertama dari CDior. Tq yunk sbb blanjakan. Pau 2 hari sblm mlansungkn pkahwinan. kuikui. Price : RM 188. Esk2 ada rezki lebih kita tambahkan koleksi yg lelain pulak oke!

Inspired by the latest innovations of the textile industry, DiorSkin Extreme Fit Supermoist takes smoothness, comfort and wear to the extreme, for lasting beauty perfection, even in the most unfriendly environments.A Dior innovation, its unique formula includes theTex-Fusion Technology that creates an invisible, micro-aerated and protective network to perfectly smooth the skin and maintain an ideal ""microclimate"" on its surface.Hydra-Gel System, a powerful hydration regulator to preserve optimum comfort.

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