Monday, April 18, 2011

Fruits are important to your dietary. Eat it as a dessert at #Fruitland at RM6.90. #MilkADeal

Craving for dessert? Why not try #Fruitland desserts for only RM6.90.

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Malaysians are known for their sweet tooth and their love for desserts. However when taken in excess, sugar doesn't sweeten our lives, but in fact adds bitterness and grief with all the health risks posed.

With such gravely depressing news, how can one possibly indulge in sweetness without risking getting sick in return?

Say thanks to Fruitland and warm up to the au naturale Fruity Lolo, a delicious and nutritious crossover of Fresh Fruit sago lolo and the famous Tao Fu Fa glutinous rice ball. Fruity Lolo is made from fruits with fructose (natural and occurring sugar) that then metabolizes in the liver which prevents a drastic increase in blood sugar unlike how refined sugar does.


The interior is also as sweet as fruits


Now’s the time to change your diet. Try out this healthier dessert option. For only RM6.90, get a Rainbow Lolo and any choice of Fruity Lolo worth of RM16.80. This offer can only be redeemed at Ikano Power Center or SS15, Subang Jaya branch.


With 4 mobile outlets bringing Fruity Lolo across 27 night markets over Malaysia since 1996, Fruity Lolo offers a wide range of hot and cold desserts, apart from multiple flavors of Fruity Lolo, such as soya bean milk, tau foo fa, main dishes like nasi lemak as well as snacks. In other words, sweet or savoury, you'll find it all at Fruitland.

Add sweetness to your smile but reduce sugar in your lifestyle with Fruitland.

Grab this sweet deal today!


Nasi lemak is available too!

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