Saturday, April 09, 2011

For only RM39, you will get 1 Domain Name (.com, .org, .net) 2 GB Disk Space, 10 GB monthly data transfer, 10 subdomains and 20 emails!!

The necessity of web hosting

Businesses are now empowered by the web, with deals being closed over emails and everyone establishing their presence online. Apart from a website and an email account, you need a reliable host and a dedicated support team to be there for you at all times.


Integricity Technology
has a reliable solution for your hosting needs with 10 years of experience in providing premium hosting and IT services supported by a team of dedicated, experienced and highly skilled engineers.

With only RM39 instead of RM555, Integricity Technology offers a very reliable 1 standard corporate web hosting service for a year (.com, .org, .net) with 2 GB Disk Space + 10 GB monthly data transfer + 10 subdomains + 20 emails + daily, weekly & monthly hosting data backup + 24/7 server monitoring support.


With internet businesses growing as fast as a click per minute, web hosting services is no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. Everyone needs more than a free website and an email account; they need a reliable host and a dedicated support team at their disposal. With a strong support hosting company, businesses can rely on their hosting partner for availability of email communications as well as accessibility to their websites.


Even if you’re not into starting your own business, a personalised domain name for your blogs or personal websites will give that unique characteristic to your site. People will remember your site through that customised domain name. Be the first among your friends to own one!

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