Friday, March 25, 2011

Organise your old photos, organise your life. Hardcover photobook! Only RM64,24pgs

RM 64

Value Discount Savings
RM95 33% RM31
UPrint Photobook
RM64 instead of RM95 for Window/Diecut Hardcover Photobook from UPrint, Shah Alam [33% OFF]


Albums get torn, pictures go missing and space taken up by bulky photo albums! However, with UPrint’s Hardcover Photobook, you’re assured that the pictures stay fresh, stylish and most importantly, just like a book, tells tales of wonderful moments that would be etched in that customised Photobook!

With UPrint’s Photobook, you have a million reasons to Photobook everything; the travels, bestfriends, marriage, portfolios, hobbies and any old reason. With this deal, you finally get the chance to gather all the loose photos lying around the house and document them in a proper, organised and stylish way!


Not just that, if you're a student and struggling to be creative and ahead of the rest of your classmates, Photobook your work and hand in a very professional looking assignment and impress your lecturers to the point of no return. A+ is already in your hands. When you graduate, you’d definitely want to savour the proud moments, right? Photobook it!



With Mother's Day in May and Father's Day in June, surprise both parents with a professional scrapbook of their life in chronological and colorful order.

UPrint also produces Professional Business Cards starting from RM20, Personalized table Calendar ( web2print) starting at RM32 and other calendars (UPrint Albumz) starting from RM39.


Can’t wait to get your hands on a custom made, personalised and professional looking Photobook?

Get the Window / Diecut Hardcover Photobook from UPrint, Shah Alam at only RM64 and this price is nothing compared to the happiness one gets from the UPrint Photobooks.

* Cheap leh! I Like!

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