Friday, March 18, 2011

Move aside, John Travolta, DISCO dancing is ROLLING on fast; on skates & blades. Grab your dancing, rolling partner now

The Wheels Roller Disco
RM15 instead of RM50 for 2 Skaters for 3 Hours at The Wheels, Subang Avenue [70% OFF]

The Wheels
Phone: +603 5611 3018

4th Floor,
Subang Avenue,
Persiaran Kemajuan,

RM 15

Value Discount Savings
RM50 70% RM35


If you think that Disco Dancing is dead, you thought wrong.

Not only that it’s not dead, it’s made a comeback with its fearless twin, The Roller Skates.
Combine the two and you get a bombastic explosion of excitement at The Wheels. In keeping with the double-explosion-of-excitement theme, The Wheels is offering a fantastic deal of RM15 to disco-dance while rollerblading with a partner. One important thing to remember is that your partner or yourself must be 5 years old and above.
Skate your way into a free membership at The Wheels when you grab this deal.
Not only that, The Wheels is running a Facebook contest to see who’s the first Roller Skating Queen crowned. The prizes can get you reeling and rolling non-stop! Do check it out. Who knows, with the success of the crowned Roller Skating Queen, they’ll do a similar one for the men!
If you worry about location, don’t be. It’s easily accessible, next to Carrefour Subang Jaya and close to the KTM Commuter Station. Furthermore, there’s free parking at Subang Avenue. But on second thought, why bother, just skate your way to The Wheels and then do all the disco-dancing while rollerblading for the next 3 hours till your rollerblades scream for mercy to the tune of I’ve lost my ‘wheel’ to survive!

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