Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's Cheechah!

RM 19.90

Value Discount Savings
RM46.40 57% RM26.50

Cheechah Cafe

Let's Cheechah!

Definitely not your average ‘makan’ place, Kafe Cheechah offers delightful finger food that’s so delicious that people can’t get enough of and would come back for more!

Determined to offer feel good food, Chef Asri , Cheechah’s co-owner, decided on the name Cheechah or ‘Colek’ in Malay, (meaning to dip in sauce) to let customers enjoy food while taking in the ambiance of the cozy café and while at it, embark on business deals on a fully satisfied tummy!

Serving Malaysian Tapas such as Charlie’s Boxing Chicken (RM6.25- small), Kuala Sepetang Prawn Fritters (RM7.75) and Fish Finger with Szechuan Plum Sauce (RM9.75), no one can dispute the joy one gets dipping these in different types of sauces. Coupled that with side dishes such as Fried Wedges, served with choice of sambal or sauce (RM5.75), Toast with Kaya, served with butter and Cheechah Kaya (RM2.80) or get the infamous Omega 3 Half Boil Egg (RM2.75).
Due to the popularity after being featured in Metro Ahad and TV3’s ‘Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan’, customers swarmed the café wanting to drink Cheechah’s very own Mojito (lime,brown sugar, mint leaves and soda water) , Cheechah Cooler (fresh orange juice shaken, cream and a dash of pomegranate syrup) and Cheechah Colada (pineapple juice and coconut milk shake) all at RM8.90 each. Not just that, customers need not travel as far as Kemaman and Muar for that sinful sip of the famous Hai Peng Coffee or the Muar 434 Coffee!

We say, with this deal, let’s Cheechah with Two Tapas + Two Beverages + Two Side Dishes at only RM19.90!


ardinihumaira said...

wow! mengiurkan.. nyum3 :)

Ann-Wardrobe said...

adesh mau jgk!! ;)

Cheechah Cafe said...

Great review! Thanks for coming to Cheechah Cafe we hope you enjoy the food here.

Cheechah Cafe said...

Please feel free to give some comment at http://malaysiafood.org/cheechah-cafe/