Thursday, February 17, 2011

With so many desserts to choose from (over 100 items on their menu!),

adoi sedap nya! sedapnya. nasib ler duk kt kota bharu. kalau la an duk d kl sana, konfirm! aish konfirm okies an akan g mkan2 dessert yang sedap2 gini. eee rugi nyer.
Looking for a place to relax and unwind with your friends after a hectic day of shopping?
eh utk pengetahuan korang2 la yerk. skg ni ada promosi tau. korang boleh dapatkan coupon/cash voucher melalui
value : rm 20
discount smanyak 50%
jadi korang hanya membayar smanyak, rm 10 shj ;)


With so many desserts to choose from (over 100 items on their menu!), try their Mellow Fellow (RM16) with colorful arrangements of jellies, fruit cubes, paper thin & crunchy pastry topped with a scoop of ice cream with blueberry syrup, or their famous Mango based desserts using only Luzon Mangoes of the Phillipines such as the Mango pancakes (RM9), Mango Special Adzuki Bean Drink (RM9), Mango Glutinous Roll (RM9, Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo (RM12)

Not to be missed are their Sweet Ball Peanut Cream (RM8), Marble Soy Bean Curd (RM6), Colourful Granulated Ice (RM7) and Couple Slurped (RM8).

If you're into durians, Durian Pancake (RM9) is a must. With a combo of creamy whipped cream and durian Raja Kunyit, this melt in your mouth dessert is a winner. You can visit their outlets at One Utama, Kepong, Pavillion KL, Sunway Pyramid and Puchong IOI Boulevard and be rest assured that the taste would be the same. This is because a chef prepares all the desserts at the centralized kitchen and then distributed to the outlets.
With this sweet deal, you can bring along your sweethearts, friends and loved ones to the Kota Damansara outlet. This way, you get to sample all of their sweetness at half the time and half the price!

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Nava.K said...

for sure all looks so delicious.

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yeah! agree ;)