Wednesday, February 09, 2011


MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH has been a long-standing homegrown brand, delighting Malaysians of all ages for over 20 years. Packed with vitamins and juicy goodness, MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH continues to refresh Malaysians today with great tasting juices. MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH is also available in the No Sugar Added range for health-conscious consumers.

Reigning as Malaysia’s favourite Chilled Juice Drink and Gold Award winner of the Readers’ Digest Trusted Brand Award for many consecutive years, MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH range of fruit juices is a refreshing and healthy drink to complement your meal or on its own.

Available in both Regular (9 flavours) and No Sugar Added Range (6 flavours), MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH juices are fortified with Vitamins A, C and E that give you more nutritious goodness in every drop.

MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH - Any Fresher, You’ll Have to Peel it Yourself.

Storage Requirements: Keep Refrigerated (below 4°c)


AizA Si LovEmoNEy said...

haha.. i suka gler MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH.. guava is the best

Nik Nurehan said...

yeahh! sama la!!