Friday, January 28, 2011

A&W Double Fortune Burger tbaekk!!

My Comment tetang burger ini : Shedappppppppp!!! ala2 prosperity burger mekdi jerk. Cuma yang A&W ni x pedas dibandingkan dgn mekdi yg pedassssssss gilerr!! hehe. lebih2 time perut tgh lapa, mkn sbijik rasa x cukup je! hahahaa..

See your fortune double in 2011 with the A & W Double Fortune Burger. Double beef or chicken patties, two layers of mushroom, dribbled with our mouth-watering peppery mushroom sauce for a spicy kick start to the year. Head on down and taste doubly good fortune today and satisfy your craving.

A&W is offering their Double Fortune Burger (Chicken / Beef) for RM8.50 (a la carte).

Also available in a set for RM11.80:
- Double Fortune Burger (Chicken / Beef)
- Rootbeer (R)
- French Fries (R)

Visit restaurant for more details.

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