Wednesday, January 05, 2011

CoolBlog - I noticed this drinks stall! Sangat cool dan sedap dan yummmeh!

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I noticed this drinks stall, “Cool Blog”. As a blogger, I found it extremely amusing.

check more on the website. its a colourful and cute blog too.hehe
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“ Black Pearls” in it…ya,it looks like pearl coz its round…but this pearl is black and can be eaten…or if u dun want the pearls you can choose to put “Jelly” in it….or you also can choose not to put any of that…hehe…

About the price is quite reasonable and affordable…
many flavours to choose from. and it's difficult for me to make a decision.

10 differents blog

ice blended blog
yogurt blog
smoothies blog
milk shake blog
chocholate blog
italian soda blog
coffee blog
oreo blog
tea blog
local dessert blog

you can choose either to add on pearl or any jellies.
Want a blog?
Go grab one at their kiosk.

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