Saturday, October 30, 2010

Suasana & Menu di KRoger's

"The key to nutritious, wholesome eating is the time tested advice of balance, variety and moderation. Eating a wide variety of foods without getting too many calories. Not every food has to be perfect, but your food choices over several days should fit together into a healthy eating programme.

Simply Awesome! Fresh oven baked till perfection with 3 assorted flavours: Golden Vanilla Muffin, Banana Raisin Muffin and Chocolate Raisin Muffin.
Beef Bolognaise Spaghetti
A fulfilling pasta meal topped with premium minced beef and delicious bolognaise sauce. A definite house favourite, much loved by children and adult.
Quarter Meal
Roasted ¼ chicken with 3 side dishes & 1 Kenny’s Home-made Muffin.
Muffin Submarine
The perfect indulgence. Served with 3 scoops of ice-cream (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry), topped with our famous Kenny's Home-made Muffin, whipped cream, chocolate syrup drizzle, sprinkle of chocolate rice, juicy red cherry and crunchy chocolate stick. A temptation that you can’t resist!

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