Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hayaki Kopitiam, KBharu

Bandung with cincau..
ICE MANGO ROCK- I just love mango so much, so anything with mango cools me down! Ice Mango Rock is actually ice-blended mango . Sodap! Ice Mango Rock ni memang rock! I always enjoyed my mango moment in Hayaki.
Hayaki Kopitiam also provided WIFI internet connection for FREE. I’ve also noticed that wall socket plug is also provided at a few tables. If you happened to be in Kota Bharu Kelantan and would like to get connected to internet, Hayaki Kopitiam will be a good choice, provided if you have your own laptop that is WIFI enabled.


marinahunny said...

ice mango rock! wait for me!

Ann-Wardrobe said...

muahahaha.. lawak ah. kiranya lama gak la akak amik cuti yerk.
leh la mkn2 di hayaki, mkn2 di horizon :)