Tuesday, September 21, 2010

yummy! 'Nasi Tupe' for brekpes. The cone shaped banana leaf Nasi Tumpang. It is a complete meal in one.

Nasi Tumpang - Kota Bahru
1. It is easy to take it away and not messy to eat since it comprises of compacted rice and is wrapped in a conical shaped banana leaf.

2. It is spicy! I love the fire in the sweet gravy. All the ingredients contain some element of spiciness such as the serunding daging (beef floss), gulai ikan (fish curry) or shrimp and bits of curry chicken sandwiched inside the banana leaf, fusing into the rice and adding flavour and heat to the dish.

3. It is a complete meal in one. I can hear the carbohydrate lovers swooning! The smooth starchy rice comes with my favourite side dishes such as egg/omelette, meat, cucumber and lots of curry sauce. The perfect balanced meal!

4. It travels well. You can take it away for a picnic and it does not take up much space when packed because it has been compacted into a tight cone. In the past, Nasi Tumpang was more functional than anything else – it was packed this way because it was easy to transport food out to the fields for the workers.

5. It is creative and great for parties. The next time you need to bring some food to a potluck, bring nasi tumpang. It saves you the hassle of preparing several dishes and packing them separately. Also, your hosts will love you for it because it looks really cool and requires fewer plates to serve it up. (Less washing up after!)

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