Sunday, August 09, 2009

Jiwangg~~Love Him

Sayang , i spent most of my time with you . Even when you are not around , i feel like you're close to me . Itulah angau name nye . Damnnnn ! He He .
There's a magic behind all of it . Kan sayang kan ? I tau . . you pegi jumpe bomoh kasi i love you deeply kan kan ? hahahhaaa :P bwek.
You know where you stand in my life kan ? Mok, Ayoh and you are the person that i love the most .
Your smile , your silly faces and your kindness makes me happy and feel lucky to have you in my life .

Mohd Khairi , I Love You !


dee66 said...

waduh, waduh.. jiwang gitu.. semoga berkekalan..amin

Nik Nurehan said...

kak dilla : hikhik.. maluu, ala kekadang jek mood jiwang ni. apa pum trima kaseh kak dilla. amin.