Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Info lain pasal nasi tumpang ni...

Nasi Tumpang is basically a Kelantanese snack.
Nasi Tumpang or accurately pronounced as Nasik Tuppae should look more like Nasi Himpit ( Kelantanese : Nasik Kapeik )

The secret to that is to prepare overcooked rice ( nasi lembik, but never let it burnt ), and have it stuffed very very snugly into the banana leaf cone while it is still piping hot. Then, top the compacted rice with the basic condiments and anything else of your own desire. Leave it to cool a lil’ bit and walla, you got yourself a Nasik Tuppae !

Btw, they say that Nasik Tuppae was first created during the Japanese occupation when the homesick Japanese soldiers, missing their sushi, decided to make their own ” perantau version ” using the available local ingredients. The Kelantanese found it interesting and came up with Nasik Tuppae !

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