Friday, August 01, 2008

Hey Girls..

Any tips on becoming more photogenic? I look fine in person, but always bad in pics.?
aahaaaks look fine..? ceesss..!! overr gitu ;)

Some girls are naturally photogenic, others have to learn how to make the camera work for them... I'd love some tips on what to do to look better in photos. Please help! tips from models and camera loving babes welcome!! Thank you thank you!!!


nimzoindy said...

Rasanye kena tnyer dlu sape yg jd jurukamera tu? Klu jurukamera pro, mesti dia pandai & byk tips mcm mana nk menggayakan/mencantikan posing/gambar tu. :-)

Nik Nurehan said...

kuikui. nk buat camne. diri sendiri yang amik picture. hahaha. nk suh parents? aiyoo mustahil lah nk suruh.. keke