Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wait for my birthday, to get a big surprise

hohoo.. sambil2 wish besday to dikna...........
saya sendiri x shabarr nk celebrate my own besday!! kekeke..
sbenarnya lg 2 month loll...(lambat lagih!)
since i wish sumthing for my besday jadi enggak shabarrr....adeshh!!
shayang!! don 4get what hav u promised to me okey!! hehe.................

(hope my wish comes truee.. yeahhhh!!)

yeah!! we will celebrate 2gether la. since our besday dekat2 jer. selang satu ari jerk..
hehe..... :)

Last but not least, it is the fact of getting older. This year I'm turning 24. Wow! (byk dah neh). hehe. It means I'm getting clever & hav more to learn. haha.

I can't wait until my birthday comes. I am really happy when it's my birthday and as always it's going to be a BLAST!!!

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