Thursday, June 05, 2008

Show respect!

Showing respect

I have many characteristics of a good friend. I think being respectful is a characteristic of a good friend for many reasons. It is nice to have a friend respect me and not be rude to me. A good friend is a respectful friend. A good friend should respect you and your belongings. One more characteristic of a good friend is being trustworthy and treats you nice. We will have are good friends because we respect each other and we get along with each other.

so!! please respect me as frenz.........

p/s: tidak ada kena mgena dgn incik khairi.! tapiiiiiiii..........sumone ' gurlfrenz'


Mr Witch said...

emmm... naper pulak nie???

l y n n a s h a a r i said...

im always respect u as my friend.

Mr Witch said...

a'aaa.. tp yer ker...??Lu pk la sendiri --Kata nabil "raja lawak"

l y n n a s h a a r i said...

haha..yela kerie wehs..awop gap..