Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanks :)

Yipiiieee!! yippiee!!
Thanks shayang yaa..


Thanks for paying my phone bills :)

*got 7 payment options such as:-
1. walk-in counters,
2. online
3. automated payment kiosk - self-serve automated bill payment and financial services touch-screen.
4. auto debut
5. mail,
6. over the phone
7. atm

Paying a bill is effortless with the new Express Payment Kiosks. It allows customers to perform bill payments and inquiry transactions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



MiSsZuE said...

perghhh..jeles taw..

pasni leh suh die je bayo kan kan hehehe

Nik Nurehan said...

aaahaaks :)
save money ku!!
boley dibuat shopping! kekeke.
bweeks :P

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ bestnya.. kalo camnie la, confirm la amy carik bf yg mampu bayar bill tepon gak. bahagia jer hidup kan? :P ~

Nik Nurehan said...

huish! ni kess bahya!!
bahagia.? depends jugak kut! keke

ita.itu said...

wah dik..sng idup ek..haha

Nik Nurehan said...

kahkah. ala.
entah2 next month baya sdiri :(

Anonymous said...

sorry for interrupt.want to asking;
actually,i kne buat asgnment brdsarkan bill payment kiosk.boley i tau, bg pndpt you, bill payment kiosk neyh.ape kegunaan die?benefit bg org awam it is better or not to use it?tq if you give cooperation.really appreciate.