Friday, May 16, 2008

Plot summary - House of Wax

The movie begins with a flashback to 1974, wherein two brothers - one apparently normal looking yet violent, the other ostensibly disfigured - are having breakfast presumably with their parents (throughout the film's story, various evidence reveals that the once-conjoined twins were successfully separated via surgery; although the less presentable twin was left with a gaping hole where part of his face and right eye ought to have been).

The story then jumps to the present. Six friends are at a diner. Carly (Elisha Cuthbert) and Paige (Paris Hilton) talk about future goals that Carly may consider. Then Paige checks on her boyfriend Blake (Robert Ri'chard) and he is playing with the navigation system in his car. He claims he found a short cut then makes out with Paige. Dalton (Jon Abrahams) goes around annoyingly filming everyone. Then the six friends leave and get ready to go to the football game they've been anticipating. But the shortcut Blake found only led them to a detour. As they are driving hopelessly Dalton catches Paige in what looks like an act of fellatio in which she is performing on Blake in his car. They tease her about it through cellphones and Paige explains to them saying that she dropped her lipstick. Then everyone decides to pull over somewhere and rest for the time being.

While at their little campsite Carly questions Paige's pregnancy and if she plans on talking to Blake about it. Then Carly confronts her brother Nick (Chad Michael Murray) about his careless behavior. Then a nauseating smell passes through their campsite. They ignore it and continue to have fun. Dalton goes around recording everyone making out. Then a truck pulls up and terrorizes them. They continually tell the driver to leave before Nick throws his beer bottle at one of the truck's headlights causing the truck to pull away. As they sleep through the night someone goes around recording everyone in their sleep.

Then Carly wakes up and checks the scene only to discover that nothing is there. In the morning the guys discover they need a fan belt, while the girls talk in the woods. The smell comes back and Carly decides to follow it, and then she falls down a small mudslide and into a pit of bloody rawhide, mostly cervid roadkill, and mannequin parts. Wade helps her out of the pit and then a truck driver comes and offers the couple a ride to the nearest gas station. When they arrive in the town of Ambrose they go to an actual House of Wax, its structure and contents therein made mostly from wax; inside, they see many professionally sculpted wax people, but note that unlike most wax museums, the wax figures appear to just be regular people rather than celebrities or historical figures.

Then Carly spots a weird figure through a mirror and is scared off by one of the wax figures. They meet a man named Bo Sinclair who invites them back to his home so Wade can use the bathroom. While Carly waits in the car she discovers that the headlight of Bo's truck is broken, just like the one last night, she beeps the horn for Wade to come out, but then the lights cut off and Wade tries to leave. Someone comes from below him and cuts his Achilles tendon causing him to fall in pain. Then Wade is stabbed and knocked out. Bo comes out and tries to harm Carly but he fails. She flees the truck but Bo catches up to her and ties her up in a cellar of the gas station. He then glues her mouth shut. Then Bo's brother, Vincent, wearing a wax mask, drags Wade into a room where he is cleaned, has his wound stitched up and has his entire body covered with hot wax.

Nick soon arrives and asks of his sister's disappearance. Carly hears him and breaks a part of the chair off so she can slip her finger through a grating and hope of attracting Nick's attention. But Bo bends down and cuts the top of her finger off with a pair of pliers. Carly screams but it is muffled because of her superglued lips. Bo begins to walk away with Nick and gets out a knife. Blood from Carly's finger is gushing out everywhere. Carly manages to rip apart her lips and scream "Nick! Help me!". Nick hears her and then stops Bo from stabbing him. Then he runs into the gas station and locks all the doors. In the cellar he frees Carly, she dresses her wounds, and they attempt to find Wade.

The siblings discover that the rest of Ambrose' population is dead, and previously wax-preserved and displayed in a way to make it appear that the town actually had living residents. Vincent decapitates Dalton when he goes into the house of wax looking for Carly and Wade.

Vincent then goes to the campsite where Paige and Blake are. Paige does a strip tease for Blake down to her bra and panties. She tries to tell him that she may be pregnant but he goes out to check the music, which Vincent has turned off. He picks up his phone and listens to the voicemail message of Carly saying that they ran into the truck from last night and Carly's struggle to escape Bo.

Paige is in bed when someone enters the tent. Thinking it is Blake, she turns on the lantern and sees it is Vincent. She screams and runs out of the tent. Paige trips over Blake, seeing he has a knife in his neck. She screams, gets up and runs off. Paige runs to an old abandoned sugar mill and hides inside. Vincent turns all the lights on. Paige sees a bunch of old cell phones and tries to turn them on but none work, so she gets up and runs up some stairs. She picks up a metal pole and looks over the side. She cannot see Vincent. Vincent then sticks a knife up through the metal grate floor and slices the back of Paige's foot. She screams and falls forward, almost getting stabbed. She picks up the pole and runs downstairs and hides in a car. She sees Vincent walk past. She thinks he has gone. Then the door opens and she throws the pole at Vincent's face but it only scrapes the side. She gets out of the car and hides behind another. She looks underneath it but can't see his feet so she looks through the window. Vincent is on the other side of the car. He throws the pole towards Paige and it impales her right through the head. Vincent then pulls the pole out of her head. The camera lingers on this grotesque scene for a while.

Back in the town, a fire starts at the house of wax and the whole house melts. The demented brothers die in the fire, and Carly and Nick dig their way out to safety through the second-story wall behind the House of Wax signage. The smoke from the blaze eventually draws outside help. The siblings discover that the town had long ago been abandoned, and that it was no longer on any map. The brothers had gone crazy following the death of their mother, and they had lured dozens of people to their deaths in an effort to create an entire town of wax figures. As the ambulance carries Carly and Nick away, they find out that the strange man who drove them to the town in the first place was yet a third Sinclair brother, and they see him as they leave. It is unknown as to whether this brother will embark on a solo endeavor to continue the carnage.


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best citer nih kan, dah tengok cd dah...tapi nak layan gak..

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Nik Nurehan said...

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