Monday, May 26, 2008

Lunch : Chicken Chop From KFC

For our lunch ( me and my parents )

KFC launched KFC O.R. (original recipe) Chicken Chop recently, offering a new addition to their range of original recipes.

As expected, the combo meal comes with 1 Chicken Chop, 1 small fries, 1 serving of coleslaw and 1 carbonated drink. It costs RM10.90, excluding government tax. Add the tax, and it comes to RM11.99

hehe.. hm, really not special loh i can say. not nice. Waste my money, nothing special.

Thus, I am comparing KFC O.R Chicken Chop with their KFC Snack Plate. Judging at the size of their food… and price… The Snack Pates are at better deal… with.. well… more meat. I dunno if I am a big eater or what… but I just felt this chicken chop fails to nail my cravings for chicken. I guess it’s good as a snack but not for main courses.


MiSsZuE said...

bru jer ari tue mkn utama tetap burger zinger...maveles..kekeke

Nik Nurehan said...

yeah kfc.
tapi chicken chop ini x best la.
x cuba x tahu.

ita.itu said...

pehh..dah la tgh lapo nih..dr smlm nmpk kat tv teringin tau...harus carik kan..hehe

Nik Nurehan said...

nakal la kak ni.
apa yang dipost pasti terliur.
kuikui :P