Monday, May 12, 2008

Photo 1 - Pizza hut, 11 May 08


We hav ordered :
1) Garlic bread (light, buttery and oven-fresh)

2) Mushroom Soup

3) Combo Meals 1 :
recommended for 1 person
• 1 Personal Pan Pizza (Supremes/Family Favourites)
• 1 Soup-of-the-Day
• 1 glass of Pepsi
* ala cukup la pan pizza yang paling kecil cuz kalau amik yang regular, mak aii sure x abis beb..
mkn byk2 sure x de kelazatan nyer lg..
x cukup? next tyme kiterrr pegi lg :)
* bout air pepsi itu, kami add extra la. tambah 1 glass oi pepsi.
* soup, share ajer baru romentik. aaahaks :)

3) Desserts
-Triple Pleasure.
Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream with pineapple, lavishly topped with rich strawberry sauce, whipped cream and wafer.

Must try okeh!!!!!!!!!! that's ice cream bestt giler :)

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