Monday, May 19, 2008

Big Apple Donuts Part 1

Got nearer to take this Big Apple logo hanging from the corner of the shop

Pink Panther, Duren Duren, Chocoring, Rolling Stone, Kiwi Blitz, Semi Glacier, Say Cheese, Go Nutz, Kimochi, Green Teaser, Chocoholic, Iceberg, Whitnut, Snowy, 101 Dalmation, Choreo, Spicy Flossy, Mango Tango, Glacier, Californian Almond, Moonraker, Chococinno and The Alien.All together there are 23 types.

The shop have a stream line open concept where customers are able to see how the donuts are prepared. And to double check their cleanliness for those with sensitive stomach ;P I guess many shops are adopting this concept.


mummysya said...


Akak tak pernah rasa Big Apple. Jco pernah..Best tak Big Apple compare to Jco... Anyway, cn u email to syikin66@yahoo ur address

Nik Nurehan said...

hi kak sya.
adik plak x penah merasa
so x tahu mana yang best.
aik mahu my address..?