Thursday, May 22, 2008

'Keropok Lekor' or lekor crackers

Hurm. tadi mengeluh sangat kata buhsan! buhsan kan. so kalau dah buhsan jumm kita mkn. hahaha mkn! mkn..... ! redahh jerk..
aumm nyam nyamm..

Keropok Ikan

Keropok Lekor

Basically, there are two types of keropok. The first one is a tube-shaped that resembles sausages called "Keropok Lekor" and the second one is the cracker-shaped called "Keropok Keping" (sliced keropok). Keropok Lekor is what Terengganu is famous for.

They are made up of fish, flour and other ingredients. For Keropok Lekor, you can eat it in two ways. Deep fried or boiled. If you don't really like the fishy smell, then better to take the deep fried as sometime the boiled one will have some fishy smell, especially when they are no longer hot. However, some like it boiled as it doesn't require oil to cook.

The Keropok Keping is also made up of larger tube-shaped keropok being sliced into very thin slices. Then they are dried under the sun to make it storagable. Then you need to fried it before consumption. It is nice to be eaten alone or dipping with the local chili sauce.


ita.itu said...

wah sdp nye nmpk kopok2..lapo la pulak nih

Nik Nurehan said...

hehe.. ni kan tyme lunch.
g la mkn.. :)